Morning Fog

Someone asked

Someone asked if this is my actual house here on my blog page. (Sorry, if you are reading a feed you need to click through to see it).

I have to say that it is NOT my house.
It is not in my neighborhood.
Or my city.
Nor my state.

Nay, it is not even in my country.

Maybe one day I will actually post the whole thing, not just a little chunk, and you can all have a good laugh.

I don’t know why I am living in a little virtual house that is pink these days.
My current house is not pink.
It is yellow, as were the majority of houses I have lived in, come to think of it.

The house my parents bought when I was 10, and where they still live, was pink when they bought it and of course they then painted it golden yellow. I always wished it had stayed pink.

I love old pink houses and old pink hotels. I guess if my husband weren’t such a pinkophobe, I would indeed live in a pink house.

Of course, we have a goldfish now, and I never thought he would let that fly either. He’s a fishophobe too, unless it on his plate.

Okay, enough nonsense. You know when I prattle like this it is only because there is so much on my mind that I can’t budge any of it loose. So I should go and sleep and dream and hopefully, one day, return to the land of the fine folks who have the time, energy and inclination to do THIS with some heart and some gusto.

Me? I am all gusto’d out…spent it on those 23 little rug rats darlings in my class.