Morning Fog


Now in my 5th year of teaching full time, I have grown accustomed to the cold. To the runny-ness, the stuffiness, and the fogginess – not to mention the coughy-ness…not to be confused with the equally pertinent coffee-ness.

I give up. I no longer just hate being sick, I loathe it with the white hot loathing a slave has for its master. And with the same degree of complacency of knowing I can’t do a damn thing about it for it is my destiny to serve.

Speaking of serving, I have been awash in testosterone, Italian made, on the home front for years. Even my daughter was a tomboy, sandwiched between two overactive brothers. Even the dog is a tomboy, as dogs tend to be.

It is probably good that I work in a school where almost all of the teachers are female. It gives my life a little balance, and reminds me that there is nothing wrong with girliness. The fact that I am expecting a grand-daughter soon – my daughter’s daughter – fuels that fire.

One thing I have noticed working in a school full of females is that it isn’t at all like working in an office full of them was in the old days. That is a roundabout way of saying how touched I was when one of my fellow teachers brought me homemade chicken soup last week. She knows that when mom gets sick, there’s nobody to take care of her. I immediately started feeling sorry for myself when I realized that nobody does look out for me or take care of me, and I don’t particularly miss that because I thrive on the caring and the looking out for others…but it does feel good to be soothed now and then. Really good. It made me miss my mom, not just in her death, but I miss having had a mom for the 15 years or so before that. The mom that disappeared in herself after her stroke. I miss the mom. I used to know. I miss having had a mom close by all these year. Independence and adulthood and motherhood and self-reliance are awesome sirens, but sometimes I would trade it all to have my mom stroke my hair and give me a hug.

Anyway, the chicken soup was delicious, and I think it did help my cold. I know it soothed my soul.

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New Deal

I joined up with BLOG 365. At the rate I’ve been going, I would only make about 120, but it’s a goal people. No matter how busy I am with teaching, it is relaxing to stop, drop and roll out the words. It’s fun. I need fun. Not that teaching isn’t fun…teaching 1st grade is a lot of fun. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Yeehaw.

So there is a cool new badge on my page, which if truth be told, is the main reason I joined up. I love the badge. So my new year officially starts with my last consecutive postings.

I am feeling much better today. The zicam/sudafed/aspirin/airborne combo is working pretty well. I still sound a little froggy, but I needed only one short nap today, and I’ve been running around like a busy little bee all day. I am still trying to get a sub for Tuesday though. Just my luck, everybody is sick and it hasn’t been easy. I am 0 for 2 right now, with a call into #3. Darn it, I want my day off.

Spring has officially sprung, at least for now. It was in the mid-70’s this weekend and it felt so warm and sunny that it was hard not to start feeling better. I wish I could say that it is going to be warm from here on out, but since it is only early February, that probably isn’t the case. Some trees are blossoming though, and it is starting to look pretty.

Now I have to spend what’s left of my weekend planning lessons for this week. Planning homework. Keeping my fingers crossed that I find a sub.
In case you hadn’t heard, I really want to take off on Tuesday.

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Up, barely

I literally did not get out of bed today until 5pm. And that wasn’t just me sitting in bed reading or watching or TV or something. No, I slept that long, with only a few brief waking moments here and there.

I am still sick, but much better I prepare to go back to bed, a mere 7 hours later. It was great sleeping and all that…but I get a mere two days off, and I wasted one of them sleeping it away. I know I needed it, and it did help, but dayum I feel robbed.

Regarding Airborne, I suck that stuff down like crazy. And actually, I do believe it works. And I think I missed taking it at a crucial moment this time and maybe that is why I did get as sick as I did. Usually the instant I feel even the slightest tickle in my throat, or congestion in my head, I take the Airborne. It usually works. But if you don’t take it soon enough, it doesn’t help as much. I am still taking it a couple of times per day though. It is my crutch. That and Zicam.
This is my current cold-treating protocol: Zicam swabbed in my nose along with a dose of Aspirin and Sudafed washed down with Airborne. Toss in the occasional cough drop. And sleep.
I will be victorious. And I am going to try to get a sub for Tuesday. I have too much to do on Monday, but if I can get someone on Tuesday, that will be good. A little extra rest. And a chance to go watch something my son’s class is doing at his school on Tuesday morning. Remind me to call a sub tomorrow, ‘kay? I already checked with one and she was busy. The more I think about it, the more I want to take off.

Someone mentioned my still having my sanity even though it is February.
All I can say is that sanity is relative. I love my class, and I seem to have won over the parents as well, for the most part. And hey, it’s only first grade. My goal is to prepare these little guys as completely as possible for the next grade…but things like grades aren’t the big deal they are in older grades. My “VG” instead of an “O” isn’t exactly keeping someone out of their favorite college. All parents are different, but I think that for the most part, parents want to see progress, know their kids are learning something, that they are being nurtured, and that interaction between the kids and me and all the stuff that happens on the playground is fair and that negatives are addressed and lessons are learned. And I am blessed because all 23 little ones can be a delight. 18 of the 23 are reading well above grade level, so that makes things easy. 22 of the 23 are at least at grade level. Only one is really struggling, but it is amazing how he can suck up so much of my time and energy. If I had a bunch like him, it would be darn near impossible. And some classrooms are like that. It is one of the perks of being in a private school…I may be making (a lot) less money, but I think my job is (a lot) easier in some ways.

On that note, time for Zicam, Sudafed, aspirin, Airborne and sleep.

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