Morning Fog

1 month until

The Christmas lights are up. I can’t guarantee that I won’t add to them, but I have 1200 little colored icicle lights, and probably half that many white ones, up. The house is festively festooned around a couple of windows and all along the gutters that run from one side of the house to the other.
I love gutter clips.
Whoever invented those babies should be given The Mad Housekeepers Seal of Approval because not only do they make hanging Christmas lights a much easier task, but they make them look neatly strung as well. Talk about bang for your buck! And they are completely reusable and last forever. I have had these more Christmases than I can count and still they go strong. I don’t lose them, thanks to Ziplock (don’t get me singing the praises of Ziplock) and they don’t break even when I snap them off the gutter in a hurry in January.

Now, what do we have for shoulder pain, as in my arms were over my head doing unnatural things for a couple of hours? And earlier, we had a slight gardeningpalooza going on, complete with cleaning off the patio and teasing the dog with the hose.

I need to rest my achy bones, but the house – she is beautiful.