Morning Fog

Life After Death

on February 21, 2011

I seem to have survived the aftermath of my mother’s death, and I am feeling less grief-y. Some days I think I have forgotten all about it in fact, until something or someone brings it up. Other days, I am stuck in the church in my mind no matter what else is going on around me.

One thing that blinked us all back to reality was that my dad went into the hospital exactly one week after her entombment. He is okay now, and that seems like reason to celebrate. Strange juxtaposition there…celebrating the life of one when it should be a time for mourning the loss of the other. But there is life after death, and we are proving it one day at a time.

I never thought I would be morbid about this, but I was actually considering taking pictures of her in the casket, etc, and that thinking that would be a good idea. GLAD to say I have come back around to a more socially acceptable way of thinking on that one. I would say that before my mother died, my general feelings about death were all wrapped up in squeamishness. I would say that feeling temporarily left me, but it is returning. Yay squeamies.

So anyway, a week ago Friday, that was the one week anniversary when my dad went into the hospital. THAT same day, my daughter and her husband said good-bye and headed to the opposite coast to live for a yet to be determined amount of time. AND that day my son was accepted into a program in EUROPE that he wants to attend. I was feeling this very acute sense of loss and leaving…departures all around me. I am working on not letting all of that bother me, and to be thankful for what I do have in my life still…

Next time I think I will try to have come up with more interesting, and less death-centric topics, to write on.


3 responses to “Life After Death

  1. herstory07 says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your mother. You are in my thoughts. (And, sorry this is so late… the semester sucked me in completely this year.) I’m still waiting for my “empty nest” as my 20 year old seems to enjoy living here… and doing as he pleases… without contributing (or complaining when he does). I wish my kids knew what they wanted to do… however, I think when I finally do have an empty nest (not for a while as my youngest is 8), I will definitely have a hard time.

  2. bluesleepy says:

    I’m glad your dad is okay… and I’m awfully sorry you’ve lost your mom. I’m not ever sure what to say in this sort of situation, but know that I am sending you all my very best useless internet hugs.

    I know what it’s like to be a whole continent away from my family. What helps immensely (and did especially when my husband was in Europe for a few months) is Skype. Of course, it’s not the same as having them home, but it makes it a lot easier.

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