Morning Fog

Sunday Night

on November 28, 2010

As usual, Sunday night sees me sitting at one computer or another, getting ready for the week to come. I am almost ready to head back to school tomorrow, but I really should spruce up my class website – at least get rid of the Turkey theme and switch it to something Christmassy. Also, I need to type up this week’s homework cover sheet, but that will be pretty easy this time.

I have been off of school since November 19th – a full week plus 2 full weekends, and for the most part I really did take off. However, I did work almost all of last weekend, plus I have put in 5 or 6 hours today. La, la, la…I love my job, I love my job, I love my job…

I am pushing the publish button with my fingers crossed – crossed so that I can keep this up not just going back to work/school, but also with CHRISTMAS COMING!


2 responses to “Sunday Night

  1. bonyamy says:

    I love teaching too but I prefer teaching adults or young adults but my husband and I are helping the Sunday School program in our church here in the Philippines and guess what? were teaching 7-11 year old kids!

  2. Nice site, from a children author

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