Morning Fog

Full of pie

on November 26, 2010

I am not a Black Friday shopper, at least in the way Black Friday Shopping has come to be known. I went to the grocery store this morning – that’s shopping. I went to BedBathandBeyond, almost next door to the grocery store, and quickly grabbed a new Christmas Tablecloth and napkins, and a picture frame. That was shopping too. Oh, and we went to the hardware store for a couple of things. Shopping, shopping, shopping.
Then, my youngest son Squirt said to me, “Mom, how come you don’t go shopping on Black Friday.” I just stared at him, debating whether or not to engage him by pointing out that I had indeed gone shopping, while realizing that he was using the same tone that he used when he asked, “Mom, how come you don’t go watch chick flicks and drink wine with your girlfriends?”
Life must be hard when you are 13, and harder still when your easy-to-categorize mom doesn’t live up to all the cliches. So I just said a few bubble-bursting things about Black Friday shopping to Mr. Gullible and Impressionable, and he walked away deep in thought.

Since I guess this is going to be about him and the funny things he says, last night, after his older brother Jolt had left with the girlfriend, Surfergirl, Squirt told me that he doesn’t like Surfergirl as much as he used to…I was shocked, since he loves her like a sister and he has known her more than half his life now. I thought maybe she had beaten him playing BlackOps, but no. He said, quite thoughtfully, that it was as if she was taking his sister Sprite’s place in the family. I thought that was a very sweet and loyal thought on his part. Because in many ways, with Sprite way up in Montana for 2 1/2 years now, and with Surfergirl playing the part of the female sibling and 5th family member for all that time (and basically being a part of our family for 7 years now) it feels sometimes as if she has taken her place, in a very superficial way. So I had to explain to him how she isn’t taking Sprite’s place, she has made her own place in our family. And if they get married, that will be her place forever. And besides, we might all live in the same city again one day, or Jolt and Surfergirl could be living somewhere else, and Sprite and her CowboyMarine husband could be the family members who are around for everything. Nobody is taking anybody’s place.
That seems so obvious to me, but apparently not to everyone…sometimes I forget, now that he is a smart-mouthed teenager, that my Squirt is the one with the uncanny ability to voice feelings and thoughts that others wouldn’t, or couldn’t. It was startling sometimes when he was a wee one, but he is still the same kid, albeit in a different body. He is now officially taller than me and his sister, and he has the biggest feet in the family. I think, after growing two boy-children, that the way they can just shoot up and become So Big is the most ironic thing life has to offer. Because they are still just little boys, with an attitude, on the inside. Amazing that girls are ever attracted to them, really. Silly girls.

Oh, and I baked two pumpkin pies this year. Two more than ever before:)


One response to “Full of pie

  1. Corina McCoy says:

    Great post! Pies are always good, glad you made the transition from 0 to 2 pies! =)

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