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Super Bowls, and Plates

on February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone, much like the entire month of January. Where did THAT go? I really couldn’t care less about the Super Bowl, unless I’m in the stands. That’s pretty fun – I’ve gotten to do that a few times. But on TV, I’m really much more interested in the commercials. But I missed a lot of those this year too. Oh well. I did catch The Who halftime show. I have always been a big fan of The Who, but it occurred to me that sometimes just hanging in there the longest has its own rewards. I mean, of all the bands who were around in the ’60s and ’70s, how many could do what they did? Old guys. Doing great on the field during halftime with lights, lasers and fireworks and bringing down the house with songs that are what…40 years old? And my husband sat and watched them too. He who never cared for their music back in the day. He who passed when I took our oldest to see them almost 10 years ago when they had a reunion concert tour and I thought it was “the last chance” to get to see them. And he passed again when I took youngest son to see them 3 years ago, when it seemed certain that it was probably the last chance to get to see them…my point is that hubby wasn’t watching them because he loves them. He was watching them because, well, they are still around. You can’t not watch. And even if he doesn’t love them, at least their songs are familiar, unlike the music of more recent bands. So, basically, The Who have won my husband over just by sheer staying power. I guess you should never say, “I wouldn’t listen to them if they were the last band on earth,” because you probably would.

Anyway, back to the Super Bowl. What I do like about the Super Bowl is that it is an important day for the aforementioned husband. He loves the NFL and follows it like our golden retriever follows me around the kitchen. Super Bowl Sunday is the culmination of months of sitting on the sofa and screaming at the TV while exchanging text messages with his nephew. So I happily celebrate the day with him and make it special. After all, I get a few months off now. No more background crowd noise and banal chit chat during half time.

I also like Super Bowl Sunday because oldest child comes to watch the game with us, and brings Surfer Girl along with him. We cook, we eat, we talk and joke and have fun. I almost forget there is a game on.

Today we had a decidedly unsportsmanlike array of foodstuffs. But it was all delicious. Don’t know what possessed us to choose what we did, but this is what we had…

1. Baked brie. A big one. With a sauce I make by cooking together fig jam and balsamic vinegar. With water crackers.
2. An assortment of anitpasti that took me all morning to prepare…from scratch. First there was a caponata. Hours and hours of work went into that, but it was the best caponata I have ever had. I also made sweet onion slices broiled with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese, roasted red peppers with basil and garlic, and zucchini broiled with lemon juice and red pepper flakes.
3. In a command performance (in honor of his wonderful showing on Christmas Eve) oldest son brought fresh mussles and steamed them in white wine, butter, garlic, parsley…you get the idea. I don’t partake, but it got rave reviews once again. This time he left the octopus behind.
4. A bit later I made chicken pita sandwiches…grilled the chicken with lemon, butter and dill sauce. Made a greek yogurt sauce, and put them in pita with onion, tomatoes, feta, sauce, etc.
5. For dessert, Surfer Girl made a lemon pie. It was lemony and custardy, more like the way you would expect a key lime pie to be, it wasn’t like a lemon meringue pie. She used the fresh lemons off our trees, which are To Die For.
6. There were lots of extra unused egg whites, so we made meringues. Not on top of the pie obv. Beside them. Sprinkled with red sugar for, you know, Valentine’s Day. Oops, what football?
7. I also threw some chocolate chip dough in the oven and spoiled little guy’s fun. Had to turn that dough into cookies. Not nearly as good, but what the heck.
8. Lots of good red wine. French. Yum. I read where Pinot Noir has more antioxidants than other wines, so, you know…the more the better.

There were two downers though. First of all, littlest guy is sick. He has been running a fever since Friday. A high fever and he is fluish. I hate it when my kids get sick. Not that anyone likes it, but still…I made the mistake the other day of telling someone how blessed I am that I have had three kids who are rarely sick. This child hasn’t had a school sick day in two years. And from Kindergarten to 7th grade? I’d have to check, but wow. He probably hasn’t missed more than 5 days of school total. I know he had perfect attendance last year. Possibly other years as well. I don’t think he has ever been out of school more than one day the other years. Anyway, I made the mistake of making that comment and totally jinxed him. Now he is possibly the sickest I have seen him in a very long time.

The other downer doesn’t affect my family personally, but my good friend’s sister died this morning. Not only is she my good friend, but her son is my little guy’s best friend, and she is also my classroom aide. I definitely feel her pain. Her sister was mentally, and possibly physically too, handicapped. She was in her mid-40’s and lived in a home of some sort. She suffered a stroke several months ago, and has been miserable, in pain, having seizures, and basically slipping away ever since. She is finally at peace, and I think there is certainly relief now because of that, but she was beloved and I know she will be missed.


4 responses to “Super Bowls, and Plates

  1. akkelly says:

    Dang! I’m coming to your house for the game next year!

  2. l'empress says:

    I had no interest in the game; I’ve seen enough of them. I did click on to see what the score was, and I stopped — somewhat embarrassed — because I recognized Roger Daltry, even though I didn’t know the song he was singing. Those guys did themselves a favor, selling the themes to CSI.

  3. Christina says:

    When SportsBoy came down with the flu in October & I had to call in sick for me he remarked that it was the first time since 2nd grade that I’d had to do that! I remember taking him home early one day from Kindergarten, the cold/flu in 2nd grade and then….yeah, he was right – nothing until 8th grade! And yeah, it’s awful when they are sick. I hope he is starting to feel better!

  4. bluesleepy says:

    Wow, that’s a fantastic spread for the Super Bowl! I think I may have drooled a bit. I love that you served non-traditional food because what you normally get is terrible for you anyhow. That just sounds YUM.

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