Morning Fog

Back to the past

on October 31, 2009

Even though I haven’t blogged much in the last couple of years, I have kept up daily reading of my favorite blogs via google reader, usually on my phone. It is very convenient.
The drawbacks however are huge.
You don’t get to see pretty, pretty webpages.
You can’t comment easily.
You don’t always get the whole post.
When people change sites, if you don’t update the feed, you never think to go there again and then you just assume they have stopped writing.
There are probably even more drawbacks.

From now on, I will try to click from my blogroll directly to the blogs I read. If you think you belong over there, please let me know. I have lost people over the years, and know it.
By the way, all your blogs look marvelous.


4 responses to “Back to the past

  1. l-empress says:

    Thanks for the shout-out. Especially considering that there are times when I’m not thrilled with my posts…

  2. Christina says:

    Mine hasn’t changed.
    I’m a Google Reader. I just follow too many not to be! on the iPhone it’s really nice and commenting is fine. On the weekends I usually end up clicking through to many sites to get the full view and to comment. The water above is very peaceful 🙂

  3. cocoabean says:

    OOoops just looked at your blogroll, and you’d already figured it out.

  4. cocoabean says:

    cocoabean here… now at wordpress, posting as

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