Morning Fog


on October 26, 2009

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately that whine about how busy the author is and whether they are clever, flip, apologetic or matter-of-fact, I realize it is boring.

That includes me, obviously.

It’s rather self-indulgent to assume that people who haven’t even been reading your blog, because you haven’t posted anything, might care to hear you complain about how you are too busy to write. Not exactly scintillating reading.

I think I’ll keep that in mind. No droning on about my hectic life. No apologies if I haven’t written. Just stuff. The stuff of life. The interesting stuff.


One response to “Whatever

  1. bluesleepy says:

    I wonder if blogging is dying, to a degree. There was a point a year ago where no matter what dreck I posted, I was still getting ten comments per entry. Now I’m lucky to get more than two! I don’t say that to complain; I just mean that maybe we all are sort of growing out of blogging. I see people updating far less frequently. Maybe we’re just on a downturn. Enjoy living your life, and we’ll see you when you blog.

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