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What I learned- The Trip Part III

on May 18, 2008

What I knew: that my 19 hours aboard the ship would be a unique experience.

What I wanted to find out: I wanted to experience the total Living History experience as if I was a 5th grader also.

What I learned, observed or realized:

1. If I had forgotten, 5th graders really are just overgrown 1st graders. They have most definitely not, despite rumors to the contrary, turned the corner into adolescence — no matter what some of them might look like or sound like when observed individually.

2. That even 5th graders on board a ship in the middle of a fun school outing get mighty cranky if you wake them up 15 minutes earlier than you need to in the middle of the night.

3. That 5th graders can whisper and be quiet while running amok, unlike 1st graders whose voices escalate geometrically for each minute they are in that state.

4. That when a group of 32 kids, 2 mothers, 6 fathers and 1 teacher all try to sleep on the floor in one giant room together, not much sleep is to be had.

5. That while hearing my husband snore in the middle of the night has always been rather comforting to me, hearing somebody else’s husband snore a few feet away from me is pretty disgusting.

6. That if you are lying on an hard, uneven, wooden deck with only a sleeping bag underneath you, and you somehow manage to get your arms between you and the floor, your arms will go to sleep, even if you can’t.

7. That if some food item (beef stew) tastes almost inedible on the first few bites, it will become almost palatable if you keep nibbling at it.

8. That being on the top deck of a sailing ship in the middle of the night is a lovely, peaceful, almost spiritual experience, even if your ship is docked downtown in a
major city.

9. That oatmeal with canned peaches in it is rather tasty.

10. That a 12 sided figure is a dodecahedron (I think I knew that), and that a 20 sided figure is an icosagon (definitely didn’t know that).

11. That when charged with writing a story involving the ocean, all 5th grade boys will work a kraken into theirs.

12. That all 5th grade boys think they can slay a kraken.

13. That sulpher bonds with metal (who knew?)

14. That pistol shrimp make a weird popping noise that sounds like bubbles when you are in the bilge of a ship, 16 feet under the water.

15. That the things I learned about the ship itself aren’t as interesting as the experience as a whole was.

16. That after 24 straight hours in the same clothes…clothes you sweated on a 90* deck in, slept on the floor in, coiled ropes and hoisted rowboat-things that dangle off the side of a boat in, sat on dusty things like the KEEL 16 feet underwater in, washed your dinner and breakfast plates in a tub on the deck in, climbed up and down ladders grabbing at dirty ropes and railings in…a shower feels like a miraculous experience. Not just a shower, but a molting of dirt and sweat and cooties. Yes cooties. 5th grade cooties. 150 year old boat cooties. The marine head cooties. I have never in my life been so anxious to get into a shower, nor enjoyed one so much.


2 responses to “What I learned- The Trip Part III

  1. I love boats!

    Happy blogoversary!

  2. herstory07 says:

    hahahah… COOTIES!!

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