Morning Fog

Merci. Grazie. Gracias. Danke. Domo Arigato.

on May 10, 2008

You know, sometimes I get a little overly sarcastic, or act pretty jaded about things. Mostly in my writing, not so much in real life. I stay pretty nice and polite in company, although I tend to speak my mind. But even then, I try to speak my mind tactfully and with humor.

I know I was pretty flip about Teacher Appreciation here last time…but I have to revisit that because I feel so completely appreciated now that even I can’t be stone hearted and dismissive of it.

There were appreciative gestures all week.
At first there were three huge vases stuffed with flowers…moms collected the blooms brought to us by various kids and arranged them beautifully. And most of the kids made lovely homemade cards. And then there was a group card from the parents with the $250 in cash and restaurant cards.
But as the week wore on, we were also treated to neck and shoulder massages at recess complete with continental breakfast, a catered lunch yesterday, and a raffle in which I won a $25 Blockbuster card. I got a certificate and coupon for a free dessert from a local restaurant. I got $50 and a thank you letter from administration. And yesterday after school, some of the moms brought me a catered mexican dinner to take home, complete with a 6-pack of Pacifico (with lime), and a bottle of chardonnay. And more thank you cards. Oh and we had an extended lunch, so one of the moms came in to cover my class for the extra 20 minutes.

I am not a person who NEEDS praise and appreciation to keep going. I am internally motivated, and I NEED to do my best and I love the kids in my class. Those things, and the paycheck, are what spur me on. HOWEVER, feeling like a kid at Christmas time warms me in places I didn’t quite remember and makes me feel even better about my job and what I am doing.

I just wanted to go on record saying that. That and THANK YOU.


3 responses to “Merci. Grazie. Gracias. Danke. Domo Arigato.

  1. bluesleepy says:

    Congratulations!! You and all the other teachers totally deserve every bit of it too.

  2. yaketyyak says:

    Wow, I want to work in your school!

  3. Poolie says:

    That is just SOOOO cool!

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