Morning Fog

Just the facts, ma’am

on May 6, 2008

Ima gonna make this quick, because I really need to go to bed soon, before my average number of hours slept per night dips into the negative numbers. But I have things to get off my chest.

First of all, 24 hours ago my dog was skunked. Is that a verb? Betcha know what I mean, anyway. What followed were 24 of the foulest hours ever. She is still vaguely musky smelling, but at least tolerable enough to be let indoors, even if confined to a small area.

Secondly, faculty meeting after school today, and tomorrow I have to stay to test incoming 2nd graders. I still have to come up with a “test” for them. Oh well, I have a prep time tomorrow. Apparently I get paid extra for doing that, so woohoo. I was going to do it out of the goodness of my heart, so there’s a perk.

Thirdly, I got a 6th grader suspended today. I may look gentle, but don’t mess with me. Even indirectly by messing with “mine.”

Fourthly, I was auctioned off on Saturday. I now feel vaguely like celebrity meat. Did you know that people treat teachers like celebrities? Sometimes that’s how it feels…in good times and in bad…

Fifthly, it is Teacher Appreciation Week. Way too many flowers in my room. Cute cards. $250 dollars in cash and restaurant gift cars. Luncheon on Friday. Hmmm….I wonder if they really appreciate us or if they are going through the motions. Or if they’re trying to bribe us. At this point, I don’t really care to be appreciated much. I just want JUNE to be here and to BE DONE. Seriously, I have the worst case of Spring Fever EVER.

Sixthly, Spring? what the heck happened to SPRING! We had some swealtering days and then poof, May Gray. It is freezing again. Unfortunately, that is spring here. Insert cussing. I actually SAW the May Gray roll in the other day. The temperature dropped 7 degrees in an hour, as a thick marine layer blanketed all. And stayed there.
So really seasons here go something like, winter, spring, summer, winter, summer, indian summer, more summer, summer, winter. More or less. It’s hard to pin these things down.


One response to “Just the facts, ma’am

  1. I woke up to the wet ground yesterday and thought my sprinklers must have malfunctioned. Couldn’t be rain could it? Hah! This particular spring has been crazier than usual. And I have a cold now so this descent into more cold weather was not welcomed, especially during Sportboy’s 2 hour Little League game yesterday afternoon.

    We start teacher appreciation next week. The PTA is going to spoil our teachers and I love it as anyone who can put up with my 6th grader deserves all the pampering we can dish out 🙂

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