Morning Fog

(upside down !)Ole!

on May 5, 2008

Coincidentally, we had the same dinner tonight (Cinco de Mayo) as we did on St. Patrick’s Day…sushi. I guess it is our generic, fallback, default ethnic meal.

However, I did notice that tonight, Squirt had his two favorite desserts…Dulce de Leche ice cream and churros. I could claim some sort of pre-arranged festivity in that choice, but alas, he has been on a Dulce de Leche kick for a couple of weeks, and I bought a box of frozen churros recently after remembering that he used to like them. It was more or less a coincidence that he ate them on Cinco de Mayo. Or maybe it was serendipity.


One response to “(upside down !)Ole!

  1. bluesleepy says:

    We had Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo, but it was rather accidental. Kurt wanted tacos on Sunday, but he wanted to invite the neighbors over too. They couldn’t come — they went to see Larry the Cable Guy instead. So we had them over last night for tacos, completely forgetting it was Cinco de Mayo until the actual day came. It was good, though, and a very stress-free dinner since we served it buffet-style. I made sure I had plenty of cilantro on my taco. Mmm yummy. Also Kurt got a wee bit tipsy off the margaritas they had brought, and I had to giggle at him. His face turned beet red and stayed that way.

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