Morning Fog


on May 3, 2008

Something I totally left off the To Do list was Dinner and a Movie.
Considering that those two things took about seven hours, they should have been the list.
We are so spoiled, and so well organized, usually our excursions are pretty streamlined. We tend to hit the restaurants, and the movie theaters, at less crowded times. And where we live, we don’t deal with enormous crowds of people, even though the summer does get a bit maddening with the touristas.

But we got adventurous today and headed into San Diego proper today. To a large mall. Where we had an hour wait for dinner. And since the next four showings of the movie we wanted to see, which was playing on three screens by the way, and at another theater like A BLOCK AWAY as well, were sold out, we had a three hour wait until the movie anyway. We took our time and ate slowly.

Anyway, it was all good and we finally did get into see Iron Man. Which was terrific. But we got home, finally, at 10:30 pm and we had left he house at 3:30. And seriously, all we did was eat dinner and watch a movie. There wasn’t even a random stop for ice cream, or a detour to buy gas. It was drive, park, wait, eat, walk to the theater, wait, watch, walk back to the car, drive home. Seven hours. That’s a whole school day. Damn.

Back to the movie.
It was good. It was fantastic. It was fun. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It maybe wasn’t terribly original. I saw bits and pieces of lots of movies from Tomb Raider to Spiderman to Fantastic Four to James Bond. But it all came together as something new and it worked. Well.

And speaking of Robert Downey, Jr., I never knew he was so, umm, hot. I had him categorized under “druggie loser” in the back of my mind and never bothered to LOOK at him before. He had a lean, mean, Sylvester Stallone thing going on, and since he is still on the south side of 45, well, he pulled it off. Just another enjoyable facet of the movie.


2 responses to “Done

  1. twisterjester says:

    I’m not planning to see Iron Man, at least not until it comes out on video (if then.) But yeah, I noticed a while back that RD Jr is a nice lookin’ hunk-o-guy. Too bad he’s done such a nasty job of messing his life up with drugs.

  2. bluesleepy says:

    Argh. I have a hard time with waiting for a table for dinner. Fortunately most of the time we go to ethnic restaurants on Friday and Saturday nights. It cracks me up that a chain Mexican restaurant like On the Border will be packed with an hour’s wait to be seated, yet down the street I can go to a mom & pop Mexican restaurant and be seated immediately. At least that’s how it works out here. I am not looking forward to the descent of tourists here during the summer. Newport is already packed on the weekends, and it’s still early spring!

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