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I’d rather take the low road

on April 30, 2008

I have a little girl in my class that I am starting to refer to as a “flake-in-training.” This is because her mother is bonafide, first class, uber-flake. And she is teaching her daughter well. Skipping school, being tardy, not completing assignments, etc. I know she’s proud.

So anyhoo…my biggest beef is with mom, not little girl. Little girl is 6 and well, it’s my job to whip her into shape, no?
But MOM?
Wow. I have already been her counselor and taught her her parenting tips. Informally , of course. But what really chafes me is how she volunteers for EVERYTHING and then doesn’t follow though, show up, keep up…as the case may be. Yet she was the ONLY mom who tagged along by herself on the zoo field trip even though she wasn’t an “official” chaperone. I didn’t dare make her a chaperone, because you know if I had, she would have not shown up that day!

1. At this point, she is supposed to come in to help out Thursday afternoons…something arranged because she was upset at not being one of the “regularly scheduled moms.” But she was already room mom and has a baby. I thought I was being nice…anyway, she NEVER SHOWED UP FOR THAT. NOT ONCE!

2. When a mom quit coming every-other Wednesday am to work in her husband’s office, Flaky took her place. Came a couple of times.

3. When a different (almost as flaky mom) quit coming every Thursday am (her choice to do all that, I didn’t schedule them that way) Flaky took her slot too! Hasn’t been in weeks.

4. When the mom who helps during computer class was leaving to have a baby, she took that slot too. She makes it about half the time. Maybe.

So here’s the deal…I don’t care how much anyone volunteers…they are VOLUNTEERS. But if I am counting on you to run a small groups with my 6 year olds, you should show up or else chaos ensues while I am trying to read with a small reading group. And when the computer teacher specifically asked for parent help because of the class dynamics, and she expects to have help, PLEASE don’t just pull a no-show. CALL ME. I’ll get another mom. Really. You aren’t the ONLY mom who wants to help. You are just hogging all the time slots and then abandoning us!

So, I started going around her and now she is all put out.

I sooooooo wanted to tell her off and call her on the carpet read her the riot act and then give her what for.
But I took the high road.


2 responses to “I’d rather take the low road

  1. l'empress says:

    As you may know, I spent a few years working for the Red Cross, an organization that is — by its very charter — mostly volunteer. There is always some “career staff” to organize and guide the volunteers.

    Volunteering is very good for people, and one reason for that is supposed to be that they learn to accept responsibility and to do the jobs they’ve committed to. However, in order to require that, it must be POLICY that is followed organization-wide. You can’t very well tell a parent that she MUST be available when promised if another teacher — or a principal — doesn’t do the same and back you up.

    Volunteering is a donation, but it is also a privilege. No brownie points for volunteering is you don’t actually go in and do the job.

    Yeah, in a dream world. For every good volunteer, I’d have another who’d call in last minute because her son (age 23) has to go to the dentist.

  2. bluesleepy says:

    Good Lord. I cannot even imagine promising to do something and then not doing it. I mean, once or twice is allowable if it’s simply that I forgot. But consistently??? Geez. And the worst thing is she’s teaching this to her daughter. It’s sad that a six-year-old can’t get assignments in on time. Wow.

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