Morning Fog

Quick like bunny

on April 28, 2008

Had a wonderful day today. Oh, it’s Monday? I must have had a Substitute Teacher substituting for me on a substitute basis.
Almost forgot I had a job.
Played mom to my kid who had a day off. We worked on his book report and then did some touristy type things involving things like lunch at the beach and a rollercoaster.

I got a little walking in and it is still so hot and sunny (although not as bad as yesterday) that I got some sun too.
Ah. I will try to keep this feeling as I go back to the dark dreary depressing classroom tomorrow.
Oh, I am just kidding. My classroom is lovely. I have the teacher who is taking my job following me around for a couple of days, so I better get my p’s and q’s in order, not to mention my b’s and d’s.


Does this post make me look fat?

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