Morning Fog

A wonderful day in the neighborhood?

on April 27, 2008

One of the nice things about life in Southern California, and San Diego beach cities in particular, is the weather. Most of time it is most remarkable for it’s lack of anything remarkable. It gets cool but never frigid. It gets warm, but never scalding. There is a bit of humidity at times, but never anything approaching tropical. Usually the most oppressive thing is the fog and gray that can roll in, especially in May (gray) and June (gloom).
So, days like today really stand out. It is currently 96*. For April, by the ocean, that is pretty warm. At least it is a relatively dry heat. And I say that after having lived in Florida for five years – I know what 90+ degree heat with 90+ % humidity feels like and it isn’t pleasant.

So today is remarkable for the weather, but day before yesterday was remarkable for the Great White Shark attack. And not just at any beach, but the beach we usually go to. Went to. Seriously, I can’t think of any way more horrible to die. The drama, the gore, the surreal mixture of the intense pleasure of swimming in the ocean and being eaten by a monster of the sea.
The kicker is that we don’t even taste good to sharks, from what I hear. So they take a bite and say, “yuck, that wasn’t a seal.” Meanwhile, the guy is dead. Bummer.

San Diego Zoo - panda While on the subject of Life in San Diego, we went to The World Famous San Diego Zoo for a field trip on Friday. I was talking to my kids before hand telling them HOW LUCKY they are that they live so close to such a world-renowned zoo. They were totally impressed with that thought and I’m sure went home and thanked their parents.

But seriously, the highlight for me was seeing the pandas. OHMYGOD were they ever adorable, kickin’ back eating their bamboo like a couch potato watching the game with a beer. Watching us watching them.


4 responses to “A wonderful day in the neighborhood?

  1. Yvonne says:

    I love visiting zoos, aquariums, etc. Unfortunately I have none in my back yard (although my office has often been referrred to as a zoo with all my beasties). Fortunately, I am learning to be brave, step up and initiate without husband travel and I will be going to NYC, Providence and such to enjoy what is close by.

  2. lisele says:

    I added a link to the pandas…cuz, you know it was supposed to have been there already…

  3. Blue Opal says:

    Do you know I’ve been to San Diego I think three times, and never yet been to the zoo? Something is seriously amiss here…

  4. bluesleepy says:

    I would LOVE to make it to the San Diego Zoo one day. Maybe I will… eventually.

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