Morning Fog


on April 23, 2008

The XBOX360 is going on a vacation. To? Seattle? Who knows, the guy on the phone sounded outsourced, but if Seattle is anything like parts of California, he’s probably a native.

I don’t know…I know Microsoft is a good company, what with XBOX and Halo3, and everything, but this being my youngest child, we have had video games in the house for a long time – SEGA Genesis, the original Sony Playstation, Mr. Wonderful even had an ATARI when we got married. NONE of those systems ever went belly up….they just became boring as the newfangled games ran faster and had more gigabytes (or whatever they have.) So hmmm I am wondering if this XBOX, cool as it may be, ins’t the PC to the other guys’ MAC? Too bad Apple doesn’t make a game system. Hellllooooooo….Steve Jobs? You out there? GAME SYSTEM BUDDY!!! One that won’t go belly up and will look cool and run like the wind. Just a thought for when you get bored with the iPod and the iPhone and the iMac. You could call it the iPlay. Whadda ya say?

Whatever I am wearing/exuding/or otherwise transmitting…I should record and or bottle it for future reference. I had no fewer than two, count’em TWO, clerks get familiar with me tonight. Yeah buddy, when you’re pushing 50 that is suddenly cause for sitting up and taking notice. The first was a cashier who actually called me SWEETHEART! as we were finishing up our transaction. Ahem. I have never seen him before. Then I ran over to the market, grabbed some fruit and the box boy called me MISS!

You can’t get mad at someone who does that. It’s like when my 10-year old turns on the charm and says, “you’re 38, right?” I am reduced to giggles instantly.

So, what’s with these Democrats? Trying to find out Who’s on Top makes me think of Abbot and Costello and then chuckle. I don’t know…I think a presidential election should inspire more in me that just cheap thrills as I watch them jockey for position. I can’t wait to see how this ends.

Even More Entertaining Than Clinton and Obama:

The oddest thing of all in a season of odd things is that somewhere down in my heart, I am actually pulling for Hilary to win the nomination. Not the whole doggone election, but the nomination. I never thought I would say that. You have no idea. Hillary was a she-devil in my eyes. But the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t sometimes, and the longer this goes on and the more I learn about Obama, the less I trust him – and the people around him.

And how’s this for something to ponder why we are just sitting around staring at each other…how exactly did HE come up from virtually NOWHERE with NO TRACK record and go up against the mighty Clinton machine? Successfully? How exactly does he have soooo much money to spend on this campaign? Just who exactly is really behind him, pulling the strings and who made all this happen?

I don’t know. In this country, unknown inner city civil rights activists who do a few years in state government and then barely get to congress before deciding to run for President don’t usually go anywhere. This isn’t an everyday occurrence. So yeah, he has some charisma. But you don’t take down the Clinton’s with some charisma. So what scares me is WHO’S pocket is he in? And who is pushing his buttons and pulling his strings?

I didn’t really start questioning it too much until the Reverend Wright thing happened. I have to tell you those clips of him talking were bone chilling to me. I have never in my entire life EVER heard such horrible hate speech. And I have grown up in the church and have never ever in almost 50 years ever A. Heard a political speech there B. heard cussing and swearing there C. Heard my country disrespected there and D. Heard such venomous language and ideas expressed there. The idea of electing a President who not only tolerates that (for a couple of decades) but also supports it ($30,000 last year alone, was it?) doesn’t sit well with me.
You are who you run with. In politics and in real life.

Glad you can’t reach through the screen and bop me on the head, cuz I have seen the Obama followers. They are unquestioning. Never a good thing.
Hitler was once revered this way, and look at what he did.

Here’s an interesting quote about Joseph Stalin’s rise to power, “Stalin gained popular appeal from his presentation as a ‘man of the people’ from the poorer classes. The Russian people were tired from the world war and the civil war, and Stalin’s policy of concentrating in building “Socialism in One Country” was seen as an optimistic antidote to war.” I am not suggesting that Obama is as thoroughly evil as Stalin was. But nobody thought Stalin was either, at the time.
I have no answers. None. I know nothing. But I think questioning is good.


5 responses to “iPlay

  1. momsterrr says:

    I am with you on the whole Hilary/Obama thing. They both scare me but better the devil you know.

  2. LA says:

    Funny, when I questioned Bush’s background and pals in both 2000 and 2004 I was spat on, called a traitor to my country, jeered at, told to move to Canada, called a tree hugging commie b*tch, and had my kids’ safety threatened. Involved participants in democracy or blind rabid minions are in the eye of the beholder, I suppose. ~LA

  3. chaosdaily says:

    There is a “mac” to the sony playstation… it’s called the Wii!!

  4. cardiogirl says:

    I hadn’t thought about that before, but Mr. Jobs has a whole new arena available to him. You’ve already come up with the name, the rest should be a techie breeze.

    I loved Atari. Pong and Space Invaders were just my speed not too much coming at you, minimalist but fun in an uncomplicated way.

  5. […] Skillet Doux wrote an interesting post today on iPlayHere’s a quick excerptThe XBOX360 is going on a vacation. To? Seattle? … Too bad Apple doesn’t make a game system. Hellllooooooo….Steve Jobs? You out there? […]

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