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Your blog has finally reached maturity

on April 19, 2008

I noticed that it is 50+ days until my blogoversary. That would be a four year blogoversary. I know that for sure without checking because it was the summer before the last Presidential election. WOW was my life different then. I can’t even begin to list, let alone comprehend, all the things that have changed.
Maybe one day I will try.

As a “blogger” I think I have reached an interesting place. I have now deleted everything in every blog I ever wrote before I moved to this location. I don’t care about any of it any more and having written in four previous locations just makes it all so confusing. I will try to stay here. I don’t know exactly why I moved around so much and changed names so much, but I do like the idea of living in a pink house. Short of moving to Bermuda, this is probably the only way I will. I noticed one day that I have a painting of pink Bermuda houses hanging over my bed. I had forgotten about that, but maybe subconsciously that is what drove me to name this. Who know, and really, who cares?

I am having a low key day today.
This morning we signed the littlest resident up for a few summer camps. He is almost like an only child so PLANNED ACTIVITIES are so important for him.
His XBOX 360 is on the fritz…what a mixed blessing that is. If you have a child his age, I know you’ll understand that comment.

I slept late, made breakfast after a quick trip to the market and I have been fooling around. Mr. Wonderful took Squirt to tennis so YAY I have a little free time home alone for a change. That never ever ever happens anymore. Stupid teaching job.

I have laundry to do and lots of school stuff to take care of. Grading papers, planning lessons, and coming up with a good activity for an upcoming field trip. Oh, and of course planning a lesson for tomorrow’s religion class. THAT is almost over. Thank God.

Speaking of stupid teaching job…I really need to get ahead, if that is possible, instead of playing catch up all the time. I signed up for a class May 7 – June 11 which means that whole last month of school, CRAZY TIME, will be doubly crazy.

I did not do well at using my prep time this week for PREP. I don’t know what happens. Things come up. I lost one of them due to a short day. I don’t know…will work on it this week. Big field trip on Friday. I am taking off next Monday. Things will work out. Only about 40 days left of school, so there is that.

Off to see why the vacuum cleaner isn’t working properly. Wish me luck.


2 responses to “Your blog has finally reached maturity

  1. G says:

    Happy almost blog-a-versity! YEY!!

  2. kitchenlogic says:

    Hey Lisele – e-mail me:


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