Morning Fog

Slo mo

on April 9, 2008

I am sitting at the keyboard, attempting to type something, but my fingers are tied in figurative knots. Is that diary fodder?
My days are relatively uneventful, and all my myriad non-events are finding their way onto the web via Twitter, it seems. A thought, an action, a random This is What I AM Doing Right Now..that is the stuff of which Twitter is made.
But it leaves me high and dry here, unless of course I want to discuss Twitter. Feel free to discuss it amongst yourselves as well.

There is some news: it seems that I am now a GrandBitch. Yes, that’s right. My daughter called and told me last night that they have expanded their family and I now have a grandpuppy. Her name is Missy and she is a German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd mix. We are being introduced tomorrow. She looks cute in her pictures, and I’m sure she’s cuter in person.

Mr. Wonderful is freaking out. I should redub him Mr. ControlFreak. He can never understand why our grown kids make the decisions they make (they make pretty grown-up ones and he is a frustrated adolescent, methinks) and he doesn’t understand why Sprite wants the responsibility of a puppy. Lord knows he can’t understand why she wanted the responsibility of a husband…let alone the apartment and all that. I had to remind him finally that we are lucky — think of all the things some 20 year olds get into…we have a daughter who is in college, married to a responsible serviceman, and who seems to be embracing maturity. Or at least trying. He wants a flibbertigibbet. I guess.

Now, I’m not convinced that she is doing the right thing either…between you and me. I KNOW the younger you make these big commitments, the more likely they won’t stick. However, she may be swimming upstream, but that doesn’t mean she won’t make it.

Two things I know: her new life seems to be making her happy and she is reaching out for love and reassurance from me like she never has. I am not sure what that means, but I want to be there to give it to her.

On that note, I need to get to bed. I stayed up until 2am working on grades last night and then got up at 6am for work. I did collapse in a feverish nap this evening, but I need a good night’s sleep. Or at least a fair night’s sleep.


2 responses to “Slo mo

  1. Diane says:

    That is so beautiful and understanding. If I was her I’d think you were a miracle sent to me. (btw I’m summergale on twitter but I think you may know that)

  2. bluesleepy says:

    At least it was just a puppy and not a baby! Not that that would be a BAD thing, just really difficult for such young newlyweds.

    And you’re right, Mr Wonderful needs to remember your daughter is acting really very responsibly. She has her own home, her own husband, her own life. She’s out of your house and managing just fine. I know plenty of 20-year-olds that won’t get out of mom & dad’s house, not even to get a job. You two must have done SOMETHING right with her. ;o)

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