Morning Fog

Day off?

on April 7, 2008

It wasn’t so much a day off, as it was a working day out of the classroom. The perks were getting to sleep an hour later, having a great lunch out with my hubby, and taking/picking up Squirt re: school. And yes, I do know that was a terribly awkward way to phrase that, but I’m not changing it.
But I worked a lot. I set up a whole new grade book online – now I can enter grades at school or at home and it is on an outside server so I don’t have to worry about losing anything…my old computer in my classroom swallows gradebook files if I close them. Good times.

I corrected and graded several sets of papers. Yay me. I also agonized over grades…in first grade there is a gray area…daily work isn’t graded, but I need to bear it in mind. Homework isn’t graded, but I need to account for the times it isn’t done. Little things like that…

My head is starting to swim a little. Thank God I was able to twitter here and there throughout the day. What a fun little thing to do…it takes almost no time to do, yet you feel like you are playing outside with your friends instead of inside doing chores.


One response to “Day off?

  1. twisterjester says:

    “Day off” is a euphemism. It is a quaint idea, hearkening back to the time when people worked Monday through Friday jobs and had actual holidays,, whose work stayed at work and who raised families with moms AND dads in the house.

    Those days, if they ever existed beyond television fantasy, are long gone.

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