Morning Fog

What a weird day

on April 6, 2008

This wasn’t a joyful day.
I found out my dad has emphysema, almost exactly a year after that disease killed my father-in-law.
And my mother can barely walk, (she has a stroke, a broken hip and severe arthritis in her medical history).
I think they both have alzheimers.
My brother aged about 10 years in the last couple of months.
He fell victim to the “into 45 looking young, out of 45 looking old” syndrome. Seriously, he will be 46 in June, and I swear he aged 10 years just recently. His hair went gray, his face fell, everything.
The hill is officially at 45. My rule.

Mortality smacked me right between the eyes today.

Today was the doggy’s 2nd birthday.

And I got to go on base at Camp Pendleton today. I have driven through/past it a bajillion times, but I never had a family member stationed there before. We got to go and see Son-in-Law in action. And in fatigues. He looks so cute in a uniform.

I’m sure there is more, but the brain just overloaded and is shutting me down. Ta.


6 responses to “What a weird day

  1. kitchenlogic says:

    I don’t want to be on this side of the hill! I want to be on the other side of the hill!

  2. yankeechick says:

    I’m so sorry that things are all coming at you at once like this! Going through such things with our parents is the worst. Hang in there, sweet lady! **hugs**

  3. wcdiva says:

    It’s really hard on me I know to see my parents both getting older. I spent 8 months of last year by my fathers bedside in a CCICU. It was scary. He’s doing okay now — and well.

    Hugs to you — hang in.

  4. ak says:

    Bleh. Getting old Sucks. (Ummmm…Did I miss a wedding on my work hiatus????)

  5. bluesleepy says:

    Yeeesh. I’ve had the same revelation in the last couple of years regarding my grandparents. They were so YOUNG, and now WHAMMO! They’re old. My grandpa has dementia, my grandma has the perpetual head waggle a la Katharine Hepburn, she has issues walking very far, and she had breast cancer a few years back. The thing that gets me is when I look at photos from when I was a kid and I first met them (they’re my stepmom’s parents), I realize they were then the same age as my parents are now. And if the past 20 years have gone by so quickly, it won’t be long till I see my own parents having the same issues. It’s a very sobering thing.

    I’m sorry everything hit you so hard this weekend. *HUGS* Take care of yourself.

  6. Blue Opal says:

    Middle age and old age do tend to sneak up on you, don’t they? I saw pictures from my early-to-mid thirties and think to myself, “Holy crap, I looked like that?”

    But 45 isn’t so bad. Neither is 50, no matter what you may think. 😉

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