Morning Fog

My name is Homer and I have a problem

on April 5, 2008

Looks innocentSo.
It turns out that Morning Glories are really just LSD masquerading as flowering vines. And guess whose dog has turned out to be an Acid Hound???
And it isn’t just the morning glories…she is eating grass like a fricken’ guernsey. I guess maybe she needs more raw veggies in her diet, or maybe just a few hallucinogens.

I found a sub for Monday, so I was in the classroom today writing plans, putting things in to be copied, and laying out things she’ll need on Monday. The line between work days and days off are getting blurred. And I’m not even in the military.

Anyhoodle…I am excited to have the day off on Monday even if all I am going to do is grade papers and work on report cards. I get to put it out of my mind today and tomorrow, except for that whole part where I was in the classroom for a few hours today.

If teaching was all I had…no family, no life, I think I would really love it. The way it is now, I love it and I resent the time it sucks from the rest of my life. Do I sound like a broken record? I think that was why I loved subbing. I could swoop in, teach for a day, have fun, and leave at the end of the day. Take off when I wanted, work when I wanted. Not a bad arrangement and relatively easy money if the kids are manageable, which they usually were.

But subbing did get old and boring and tedious. Different kids, different schools, different grades. The challenge was gone after awhile, especially once I really got a taste of having my own class from long term subbing and student teaching. So here I am, complaining as usual.

This is a picture of my classroom – a corner of it anyway. This was one rainy day, and the coach came inside to do indoor PE. During the course of it, he built this tower out of plastic drinking cups. I have a couple of cute ones…it happened to be Valentine’s Day and all the kids are wearing pink and read…but I don’t want to post the kids. This tower was probably over six feet tall. So yeah, we have fun too.


In other news, has a bug bitten the blogging sites? First Diaryland changes everything for the first time in how many years??? Now WordPress is all different too. Wah. Change can be good, but it can also be a pain in the rear.

Now how the heck do I publish this thing…can’t find the button…

Oh there it is.


5 responses to “My name is Homer and I have a problem

  1. Miz S says:

    Your classroom looks really cute. I teach first grade too. I love how you have your numberline down at kid level. I can’t figure out how to do that in my room because there isn’t enough uninterrupted space. I also love the little curtain at the top of the bulletin board.

  2. cardiogirl says:

    I love imagining your dog, bored, going outside for a little acid trip. I bet he just watches the squirrels and wonders how they got so big.

  3. wcdiva says:

    Can I borrow your cool word: “Anyhoodle”?

  4. bluesleepy says:

    I got all scared when I wrote my first post under WordPress’s new design. See, I plan on finishing bringing all my Diaryland entries over to WordPress, and to get them organized correctly, I have to change the timestamp from the day I post them back in time to the day I wrote them. It looked for a second that that feature had gone away, at which point I would have been SCREWED. However, I found it… but it took a while.

  5. akkelly says:

    At least the beautiful puppy eats organic. The evil rat-mutt eats….Dirt. I’m not sure whether bright green regurgitation beats Dirt regurgitation or not. (You win the prize today for incorporating ‘guernsey’ into a post.) 🙂

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