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I get questions. Albeit not many.

on April 3, 2008

I do like teaching. The act of teaching is great anyway. The job is all consuming, however. You know that feeling you have when you have a newborn? And older kids too? And a demanding husband? And a house to take care of? And a mother who nags you? And clothes that don’t fit right? And you run out of diapers? Or baby wipes? Or the baby pukes all over you when you are already late for a doctor’s appointment? Roll all that together and it still isn’t as bad as teaching for shear demands on your time and psyche and poor stressed out little brain.

I have 22 (lost one) little ones and juggling them and all their baggage wears me out.
As for “not having enough patience” – I think patience is overrated. I don’t think you need an overabundance of patience to be a good teacher. In fact, a fair amount of impatience probably helps motivate the laggards a bit. What you do need is organizational skills, perspective and a sense of humor.
Having said that, you need lots of patience, I think, if you do special ed, resource, etc. Obviously when kids need special help, you need more patience with them. But for your average kids??? I think you just need to have enough patience that you don’t lose your cool. It wouldn’t be good to snap at them just because they dropped something for the fourth time, or have to go to the bathroom AGAIN, or can’t find a book that is right in their desks right in front of their nose right where it was the LAST time they couldn’t find it. I try really hard never to lose my cool. The voice goes up a bit here and there, but I try to keep “that tone” out of it. That irritated mom tone. I don’t want to use that at school. I save that for those I love most.

As for the school next year…it is neither better nor worse. It will be pretty similar in many ways, different in others. The perks for me are that it is much closer to home and I will be at school with my youngest child. So less travel time, lots of gas money saved, and more family time. It will be a better situation personally.
It also means that Mr. Wonderful won’t have to be schlepping him around as much. I don’t think he minded, but I am glad for that. He has the leg/back issues and LIVES on Vicodin. I have to tell you that freaks me out a little.
He isn’t an addict or taking crazy illegal doses, but he takes them at regular intervals throughout the day. It is how he navigates the day. I took Vicodin ONCE and got so violently ill that I ripped out new stitches and had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. I literally almost died, so the thought of taking them the way he does makes me feel like a wild animal approaching a fire. Don’t go there all my instincts shout. But back to him…I am glad that I don’t have to put my youngest child’s safety in the hands of a man who is drugged.
If you knew my husband, you would scoff at that. Mr. Straight and Narrow. Mr. Sober. Mr. Responsibility. On narcotics he is still more capable than most people. I think his pain is so great that they just make him not care about it, but don’t alter him much in any other way. Or else he has learned to work with it. But still…you never know. And with his situation slowly deteriorating, and certainly not improving, the closer to home I am going to be, the better.

So there you go…a really long answer to a couple of simple questions. At your service.


2 responses to “I get questions. Albeit not many.

  1. wcdiva says:

    Most teachers I know take home work to do at home on their own time — correct papers, prepare their lessons plans, return phone calls and email. It’s amazing to me how many hours they do work in a week and are paid so little.

    With that being said — I will say my son’s teacher does take on the “mother tone” with her class a lot. I help out every time she asks me — and so I am up there three times a week to help her out. I don’t know how I could teach children all day and go home to deal with more kids at home.

    I continue to participate in continuing education and have just accepted the fact I will be a forever student. *sigh*

    My hat’s off to you — an apple for the teacher.

  2. LA says:

    It seems outrageous you need to take more classes. But as you said, keeping the cert up to date makes sense, even if this endless class taking doesn’t.

    Hope you can make your goal of doing your prep work during your prep time. Most of my teacher friends said it took a few years for them to find the right balance so as to be effective teachers and still have some life outside the classroom. ~LA

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