Morning Fog


on April 2, 2008

It is so late, and I really should be in bed sleeping. But it is so late that, what the heck, a few more minutes won’t hurt, right?

I have gotten used to updating via twitter. A few quick words and I am done. Fits my lifestyle perfectly. I mean really, if you need more than 140 characters to express yourself, don’t you think you’re being a bit verbose?

April Fools Day came and went. Thank God first graders don’t really get into that. One little boy told me I lost an earring…a few hours after he told me that another first grader told HIS teacher that. I still fell for it.
And a couple of little girls were tickling the back of my skirt during recess and telling me that there was a spider back there…disconcerting. Not because of the pretend spider, but the REAL tickling. Hands off me back there, girls!

I helped interview my replacement (she will probably be hired) today, and I filled out an application for more classes. Yes, the torture of a couple of years ago continues. It isn’t enough that I have a bachelor’s degree from one of the most presitgious universities in the country, a masters degree, and a multiple subject credential. This is first grade! I need to CLEAR my credential. More classes! More money out the window to feed the bureaucracy!


I don’t know if I have to clear my credential…but it would expire in four years and if I ever wanted to go back to public school, well, there would be hell to pay. Besides, I probably have to anyway. And after all the work it took to get it, I don’t really want to lose it! So yeah…four MORE classes.

I feel bad for so many public school teachers…close to 20,000 statewide laid off due to budget cuts. The problem? Millions and millions of illegal aliens flooding our state and public services. It is just hard to come up with the money to pay for it all. I think I read recently that illegal aliens cost Los Angeles County alone something like 1 billion per year. And they all have kids. LOTS of kids. Who have to go to school. And many of them need special services, even if it is just ELD classes. My daughter’s friend teaches in a bilingual kindergarten where all the kids and all the parents basically speak no English in the school or the neighborhood. 13 of the 20 kids in her class qualify for counseling services. Counseling. That means abuse, neglect, severe emotional problems, etc. And they are only 5 years old. And they speak no English. It is all so bleak. It hurts to think about.

So I will think about going to bed instead. I will probably update this blog again someday. That is a pretty safe bet.


One response to “Late

  1. bluesleepy says:

    Wow, that is a sobering thing to think about. Five years old, and dealing with such things. Man.

    Re: Twitter — I have decided I am far too verbose for my own good. I keep trying to type in full sentences, complete with grammar, and I run out of characters!! Darn my grammar skills.

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