Morning Fog

Balancing Act

on March 30, 2008

After I last had a 4 day weekend, I remember suggesting out loud, to no one in particular, that the school week should only be four days long. Or that we should have 4 day weekends every weekend. Wouldn’t that be great?

But after being off for 10.5 days, I think 10 days on and 10 days off might be a better arrangement. I feel like my old self now, and 10 days ago I felt like shit not as good. Pale, bloated, worn out and exhausted. I guess about how I’ll feel this time tomorrow again.

I need to focus on taking care of myself. Eat right. Sleep enough. Exercise as much as I can~everyday is a nice goal. Drink lots of water. Sauna now and then. Moisturize. Keep up with the manicure and pedicures. Moisturize. Vitamins would be nice. This is all within my power.

I am not getting off to a very good start…it is late and I have to get up early. Of course, I have slept A LOT during this vacation, so I guess I will be okay, but I won’t make this a habit. I won’t, I won’t, I won’t.

I had dinner with a teacher friend last night, one of my old master teachers from Student Teaching days. She somehow manages never to bring home work to correct. She does all her prep work during her prep time. I haven’t been able to manage that, but I think that is a goal for the rest of this year. Learn how to do that so that my hours really will be “teacher’s hours.” I have let this job become all-consuming, and that isn’t good. I need more balance.


One response to “Balancing Act

  1. WCD says:

    Sleep it good:) So is balance. I am trying to learn that as well.

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