Morning Fog

I am stalling

on March 28, 2008

While working out the other day, I was on one of those cardio machines with the individual TV. While flipping through, looking for something good to watch, I happened upon Tomb Raider. The movie. I was totally engrossed and enthralled. It kept me on the treadmill for the fastest hour ever. So imagine my glee when I took a silly little quiz and found out that I am none other than:

You Are Lara Croft

“Everything lost is meant to be found.”
What Superheroine Are You?

Mr. Wonderful better watch his step, because apparently I am just what most guys are looking for. Shut up:

You Are Betty Grable

The ultimate girl next door
You’re the perfect girl for most guys
Pretty yet approachable. Beautiful yet real.
What Famous Pinup Are You?

One response to “I am stalling

  1. Blue Opal says:

    Oh my… I’m Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Bettie Page, LOL!

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