Morning Fog


on March 22, 2008

images-1.jpeg Next year, if you read that I am going to go to Easter Vigil mass, please come slap me upside the head and make me remember what I am getting myself into. Apparently going to Easter Vigil mass is a little like childbirth…you remember bringing home the baby, but you block out the agony of the long labor.
Ay-yi-yi (no idea how to spell that particular word, but that’s what I am thinking right now) that was not a mass, but rather an occasion unto itself. Picture this, we got there early for a 7:30 start, and snuck out after receiving communion at 9:45. Yes, 9:45. You do the math. And the mass wasn’t nearly over yet. At the rate they were going, It could have been 10:30, although I seriously doubt it could have actually gone that long. Could it?

In case you aren’t Catholic and have nothing to compare it too, a daily mass is about 30 minutes. A typical Sunday mass is about 45 minutes to an hour. Lately our masses do seem to creep up into the hour and a half range sometimes, but never have I been to a mass that was THIS long. I went to a Bar Mitzvah when I was six that lasted 4 hours (or did it just seem that long?…my main recollection about that was playing outside with red ants when my mom took me out for a break, and the great party afterwards).

Ah well, once I realized we were going to be there awhile, I just sat back and enjoyed it. The music and choir was terrific and our pastor has an amazing voice. He makes the Eucharistic prayer sound like opera. And I mean that in a good way.

Off to fun in the sun tomorrow for a few days. I plan on working out about 8 hours per day. I bought a new bathing suit today, but I am so flabby and disgusting that I do not want anybody to see me in it. Apparently I have not lost all my vanity.

Right now I have to go play Tooth Fairy AND Easter Bunny. I. Am. So. Lucky. They. Don’t. Wear. Bathing. Suits.


3 responses to “Risen

  1. cardiogirl says:

    Tell me again why you thought attending an Easter Vigil mass was a good idea?

    Can you imagine having a two-year-old with you? No? Me either.

  2. l'empress says:

    I hope it was warmer where you are; temps for sunrise this morning were below 30 in Connecticut.

    And just so you know, a typical Saturday morning Jewish service is indeed three hours or more, even without the extras of a Bar (or Bat) Mitzvah.

  3. bluesleepy says:

    I haven’t been to Easter services in a few years, but I do know that my pastor always tried to keep the service to the normal one hour because there were several more services to get through for the day. My favorite was always the sunrise service, though I hated getting up for it. One year I joined my parents for the sunrise service out at Arlington National Cemetery. It was gorgeous.

    My church in college would have four services on Easter Sunday to accommodate all the tourists. They even had to simulcast the sermon in the fellowship hall so that two services could be held at once!

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