Morning Fog


on March 5, 2008

I have been living in a state of angst. Between not knowing if I am going to get the *other* position on the one hand, and my current job on the other hand — I am going bonkers. At least I don’t think that I am relapsing with this freakin’ cold/flu/epidemic thing that I keep getting. Of course my littlest one is sick and stayed home today. He totally has what I had, and has an awful cough.
I wanted Mr. Wonderful to take him to the doctor, but he didn’t. He just marveled at how “well” he was and that he should have been in school. /eye roll

But, I did get him to take Squirt to the orthodontist to fix his perma-retainer that was flopping around on a back molar. While there, guess who passed out cold when they decided to do an impromptu panoramic x-ray?
They called the paramedics, and by then he was fine.
Why the heck did my son pass out?
The x-ray was going around his head when he suddenly got a headache, couldn’t see, got dizzy and fell. He wasn’t out long, but what the hell?
Could be the xray?
Could be the cold?
Could be the cough medicine?
Could be low blood sugar?

Anyhoo, except for a residual cough, which is better than it was last night, he seems fine. Fingers crossed it isn’t anything more serious. All these people getting cancer and dying all of sudden…eek.
Now there is a mom in Squirt’s class who went into the hospital last week with a systemic infection. I just read an update that they have now diagnosed her with non-hodgkin’s lymphoma. What the hell again, I say? You battle the flu for way too long, have it turn into pneumonia, get a blood infection complete with kidney shutdown and when you wake up in the ICU with all your family and friends around you, you find out you have cancer? Talk about a rude awakening.

Speaking of awake, I have been that way too long, once again.


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