Morning Fog


on February 23, 2008

I removed the Blog 365 logo from my sidebar. It just wasn’t ethical to keep it there. I’m just no longer in a place where I can realistically blog each day (hellllooooo summer?). Sure I blog in my head everyday, but I had enlightened moment of clarity and realized that most people would call that “thinking” so, alas.

I probably should admit that the only reason I really joined at all was for the pretty aqua colored sunburst to put on my page. I don’t think I was ever actually deluded enough to think I could follow through.

Isn’t this a sorry state of affairs…writing about not writing. That is even worse than writing about writing, which is just about the bottom of the barrel in my opinion. Unless that is your job or something. Then it is a wonderful topic.

Dig, dig, man this hole is deep.

I told my principal that I am seeking out another position for next year. But that if that one doesn’t work out, I would like to come back, thank you. Nervy? Me? Not really. Couldn’t have done it if I didn’t have to. There is that whole ethics thing again.

I have a formal interview in front of a committee on Friday. I hate that, and I don’t think I have ever actually interviewed in front of a committee. And with every job I have ever gotten in my life, I was either hired on the spot or the next day. If this drags on, I won’t have a good feeling about it.

I’m not sure what that means, exactly. The being hired on the spot thing. And not that everyone hired me on the spot, but nobody ever put me off and then called me back eventually to hire me. Maybe it’s a chemistry thing…like love at first sight. They either know they want you and they grab you, or they let you down easy and let you find another job and so you let them off the hook. I guess people don’t let a great candidate get away.

Or I have been lucky.
Or it is all coincidence.
Or none of the above.

This is my biggest problem in life. I don’t have tunnel vision. I don’t see in black and white. My world view is through a kaleidoscope. In addition to the rose colored glasses.


3 responses to “Whatever

  1. cardiogirl says:

    Oh how I wish I saw life through your kaleidoscope; what a wonderful place this world would be.

    I do feel a bit sad that you removed the aqua sunburst, but I understand the moral dilemma. Is it just teaching small kids that’s working your last nerve or more “political” stuff that you don’t need to get into that made you tell the principal about your plans?

    Have a Comcastic day — Comcast sucks! Sorry, that’s just my bitterness seeping out. I’ll try to contain that next time.

  2. artgnome says:

    With my job, they had to all be in town for a meeting to discuss whether or not to hire me. A lot of places now have to clear going to the bathroom with a meeting on it. It’s ridiculous, but in my case, a part of corporate drone life. bah.

  3. hissandtell says:

    I too have pretty much always been headhunted for positions, or hired on the spot without an interview. In fact, with my last position I point-blank refused to participate in a formal interview process and got the job anyway. I think that confidence, or lack of desperation, or sheer indifference at least, is actually a turn-on for employers; my attitude has always been that I really don’t care whether I get a particular job or not — and consequently I get offered dozens of them (which I turn down). (In other news, I don’t have any way of getting into your password-protected entries — my new laptop lost all my passwords. If you are willing to share, could you please remind me how to contact you for it?) Love, R xxx

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