Morning Fog

I ♥ 4-day weekends

on February 17, 2008

I keep waiting for it to hit…that familar feeling that the party is over and that I need to get ready for school tomorrow.

It’s a great feeling.

Furthermore, I am ready to propose that school should only take place 4 days per week. Two days off per week just isn’t enough for a teacher. I mean, it takes two days just to catch up on things like correcting papers and planning instruction. A body needs a day to relax in there too, for Pete’s sake. So yes, I say 4 days of school and lots more homework to take up the slack…I know, right about now all the parents are running and screaming and saying NO! Take them 6 days per week. PLEASE!


I feel as if I have finally kicked the crud. Maybe not completely, but enough so that I woke up on my own this morning after only about 8 hours sleep. That is a breakthrough. And I didn’t nap, although I did have to lie down to catch my breath a bit for a half-an-hour or so. If I go back to school and relapse, I swear to God that somebody will pay. As God is my witness, there will be blood!

Okay, not actually blood, but at least sweat! Tears! Some kind of bodily fluid.

You know what my problem is…I don’t think I made any New Year’s Resolutions this year. The annual return to health and fitness just didn’t happen. So I think in honor of Presidents’ Day, and presidents everywhere, I should make a Presidents’ Day resolution, to be followed up until the Inauguration of the New President next January 20th. At that point I will probably be totally depressed since there is no way any president I would actually vote for is going to be sworn in. I will then give myself leeway to immerse myself, and drown my sorrows for 4 straight years, in chocolate and alcohol. Not necessarily in that order.

Yes, it is shaping up to be a traumatic election season for the likes of me. On the Republican side, we have the Democrat in Republican clothing who is now backpeddling to try and assuage the base, and convince them that voting for him won’t be as unpleasant as we think it will be.

On the Democratic side we have a conniving, power-hungry she-devil up against a nice enough guy who is also the most liberal senator in Washington.



Does this post make me look fat?

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