Morning Fog

Truth or

on February 16, 2008

I am trying hard to come up with something of consequence to discuss. I’m digging deep and it just isn’t happening.

So I’ll just mention two things that happened today that were really great. The first one is that Sprite came over and was with us for 10 hours or so. Two meals, girl shopping, cleaning remnants out of her old room. It was a fun and productive day. Her marine is out “in the field” for the week, so she was available to be a mommy’s girl for the day. And she didn’t have school, nor did I, and nor did Squirt for that matter.

The other good thing that happened is that I picked up two books that Squirt wanted to read from Barnes and Noble. They are part of a series called Animorphs that is a bit dated and largely out of print. He has read a couple at school and wanted more. I could only order two titles. But I jumped all over it! So here is the good part….while I was out with Sprite, he started reading one of them and read 16 chapters. MY SQUIRT READ 16 CHAPTERS OF A BOOK. Without being bribed, threated or cajoled. IN ONE AFTERNOON not 16 afternoons. Whoever wrote Animorphs, I love you and I wish you would tell me where I can find a truckload of your books!

In lesser, but still good news, I detailed the top of my stove. You have no idea what that means, so lets just say my fingertips are throbbing and I broke at least one nail.

I am still a bit under the weather, but a day off from school today helped a lot.
Maybe I am just allergic to the classroom. The kids?


One response to “Truth or

  1. Carolyn says:

    I’ve had good luck finding “hard to find” books on Ebay. One book in particular had been out of print for a couple of decades. I’ve probably ordered a dozen or so, and have never paid more than $7 (including shipping costs) for any of them. Good luck!

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