Morning Fog

Slouching towards tuesday

on February 11, 2008

Not a good day, nope, not at all.
If all were right with the world, I would have been in bed, sleeping, snuggled up and warm. Instead I was at school, feeling blechy and yucky and icky and even a bit feverish. However, I did score a sub for tomorrow. So hooray for that. Of course I stayed at school until nearly 6pm just getting everything ready for her, but it is totally worth it. I am relaxed tonight, I napped for awhile, I did all the mom stuff X2 since I was helping Squirt get his costume perfect for tomorrow. And best of all, even though I won’t sleep in tomorrow, it will seem like it compared to the usual. And I will get to rest in the afternoon. I am going to Squirt’s school in the morning, even though I don’t feel that great right now. Hopefully an afternoon nap will help me recuperate for going back to work on Wednesday.


Does this post make me look fat?

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