Morning Fog

Who, me?

on February 6, 2008


This little badge of honor means a lot because the lady who gave it to me, Yvonne, is definitely a classy blogger herself. And while I don’t necessarily agree that my blog is actually classy…I am very happy to have the compliment.

So now the pressure is on.
First, I have to come up with something classy to post here to cover up the drivel…and then I have to pick three other classy bloggers. I have seen this award pop up on lots of blogs, so I will try to pick one that hasn’t yet received it.

First of all, there is Fi. She writes about her grown children, her husband, her mother, her pets, her gardening, her friends and her memories and observations with clarity and grace. All that and she provides free Australian-American translation for the asking. I think her old Diaryland name, Alleged Wife, was one of the cleverest I ever read, espcecially when coupled with her bio stating that she had been married to Mr. Wrong…for 30 years or something.

There is also Cardiogirl. Despite whatever fecal matter hits her oscillating cooling device, she writes about it with class. She does. She is cute and clever and I totally see her as the Golden Retriever of the blogging world. And as the proud owner of a Golden, you know I mean that in the best possible way.

G. The Mysterious G. She is a great writer. And her-storian. She has written about some gut-wrenching and personal things, and she has done it with great emotional agility. Sometimes you can almost hear her New Jersey accent, yet somehow in print, it doesn’t seem that shrill…just kidding. Would I call her classy if she was shrill? I think not.

Now that I have passed this torch, I am feeling woefully inadequate. Just so you know.


3 responses to “Who, me?

  1. By the way, what grade(s) do you teach? You still have your sanity and it’s… February. You must have the little ones… or medium ones, but not SUPER little (that’d fry my brain in a week) or the older older ones (again, one week TOPS). I’m thinking of going into another career, however, not sure what. My son just started a job at a deli. I used to work at a deli. I don’t want to shift backwards into past vocations again, however, at least I’d get free lunch… and know who made it. (heh)

  2. LOL… that’s cute. You’re sweet… I’m classy. Ain’t that something! 🙂

  3. cardiogirl says:

    Wow, liz. I don’t believe I’ve ever been called classy or referred to as a Golden Retriever. Not in the same sentence or ever.

    This totally reminds me of when Elaine met Mr. Pitt on Seinfeld and he thought she exhibited grace in the way that Jackie Kennedy did. And Elaine was just dumbfounded saying really, and dropping things left and right while Mr. Pitt was just adamant, that yes, she had grace. Like Jacqueline Kennedy.

    So I suppose I am the Elaine to your Mr. Pitt.

    Thank you liz, I appreciate the honor.

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