Morning Fog

And then some

on January 22, 2008

Little Miss Oh-So-Independent (‘cuz I’m old enough to get married and thumb my nose at the world) had to call her dad for a ride home from work today. Heh.
Darling Daughter, you are taking a step back in the world because you haven’t had to call your folks for a ride home in 2 1/2 years.

Nothing wrong with calling daddy, really. Nothing wrong with needing a ride, really. I’m just giggling a little here because you KNOW that a big part of her running off with this Marine and getting all hooked up and married and moving out and making her own nest is because she is a WO-MAN now. She is all grown up. She doesn’t need us to tell her what to do or to take care of her.

Until she gets stranded at work and wants to go home.

I think Mr. Wonderful enjoyed doing that though. He has never really been the “go to” parent much. But now things are all different. The problem is that she lives too far, and so he came home after that and collapsed on the bed. He couldn’t stay upright after all that driving. Due to his disability, not sheer wimpiness or laziness, if you happen to be out of the loop on that matter.

So why was she stranded? Once upon a time she thumbed her nose at the stripped down little Accord we bought for her to drive, and which served her well until we sold it last week or maybe two weeks ago? We should have gotten rid of it as soon as she GOT MARRIED and independent, but the insurance company was cool with her being on our policy while he was deployed, so we let it stay. Like the phone. Meanwhile, back at the base, he ordered her a car overseas and they picked it up in Montana over Christmas. So they would have had two vehicles, had he not driven his truck head first into an icy ditch and totaled it.
So now, they are reassessing the vehicle situation for the moment. And while they have one really nice new one, they only have one. And trying to survive with only one will be tough, given the distance he has to go to the base, and she has to go to school and work.

I hope she really loves this guy, because her life is a lot more complicated than it needed to be at only barely 20 years of age. AND she still has scars on her face from the accident. The bruises are gone, but there are lingering gashes that haven’t healed yet.

Sometimes it is hard not to feel bitter. I protected that little face for a lot of years. And not so some DUDE in a pickup could crash into a dish and mess it up.

Moving on.

Yesterday was weird. On the one hand I got a wonderful email from a dad in my class, complimenting me on something the first graders had done. It was a glowing email, which of course I forwarded to the principal.

But I also found myself in a phone conversation with another dad who actually got into discussing his daughter’s bowel habits, and how much juice they (don’t) give her, and I really almost couldn’t believe I was having that conversation. There is something to be said for teaching older kids.
But I kept picturing this guy in my mind…bulging biceps, tatoos, barrel chested, perfectly coiffed and dressed, with his older teenage boys and the little trophy wife who bore him the girl in my class. Reduced to discussing the poop habits of a six year old girl. Made my day.


2 responses to “And then some

  1. Mimi says:

    OK, whoa, wait a second, what the hell? I had no idea you’d moved blogs because the feed on your old blog wasn’t updating and excuses, excuses, but she did WHAT???? She got MARRIED??? You must send me the password to your private entries ASAP. Thank you.

  2. freshhell says:

    I’ve had similar “poop” related conversations with people since having children that I NEVER thought I’d have.

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