Morning Fog

Katie Ka-Boom

on January 20, 2008

I am technically either finishing up the first grader’s homework plan for next week, or I am doing my lesson plan spreadsheet for next week.
I am not blogging, just in case anyone asks, capice?

I am also waiting for the fecal matter to hit the rotating ventilation device. That would be coming from the direction of my daughter since we turned off her phone today.

She has been on our line for a couple of years. We have one of those family plans, with four phones. Jolt is still on it, but even though he is out of the house, we haven’t yanked it from him. Aside from a bunch of 2 minute calls to his girlfriend every day, he rarely uses it. He certainly doesn’t abuse it.

Sprite is different, but then again she has that whole “teenage girl” thing working against her, or she did anyway. She’s 20 now, if you recall.

Anyway, she has abused it at times. We got unlimited text messages a while back because she couldn’t keep a lid on that, despite several attempts at it. It is too much a part of the culture on the planet she hails from.

And there were calls galore with Cowboy Marine the last year and a half, as you can imagine. When he was deployed for nearly a year, it was hit and miss. Sometimes he was on a ship for a month, and they couldn’t talk. Other times, they talked for hours. When they ran off and got married last August, we told her she was off our account. After all, doesn’t marriage imply independence? And financial autonomy?
Apparently not on her planet.

We relented on the phone while he was overseas, but only by default. Mr. Wonderful kept telling her to tell him to call and move her line to his account. Easy. We are all on AT&T, so he pre-authorized everything. Multiple times. We got excuses though, every time we brought it up. So we backed off while he was deployed, but he has been back for a month now. There was the accident of course, so we didn’t bring it up for a week or so, but there have been discussions lately about it, and she was warned that if he didn’t shift her line to his account it would be turned off.

As far as I can tell, it got shut off. It doesn’t work, so unless she got a new number, it is gone.

I hope she is feeling sheepish and regretting that she didn’t listen to her dad and change it over at some point in the last six months.
What I think, though, is that she is pissed. And cursing him out under her breath.
What she should be, however, is mad at her husband. All he had to do was call 611 from his phone and transfer the line over. We checked on this so many times that the people at AT&T started telling my husband that they would have shut her down way before this. And they felt so bad for us that even though we cancelled her line, they waived the $175 cancellation fee…a big part of why we didn’t just cancel her earlier.

So here I sit…glad on the one hand that my husband, who talks a good game but is really a push over when it comes to the kids, finally followed through. Glad that she is being forced to face up to her responsibilities since she chose this life we tried to dissuade her from.
And yet I’m sad. At least for now, I can’t call her. That makes me feel anxious, and of course is the main reason I didn’t mind having her on our line anyway. I could call HIM, but I don’t want to go there just now.
Hopefully she’ll come crawling and give us the new number. Or they will reactivate her old number. She won’t be angry to our faces, since she has no right to be, but she won’t be happy. And that there was the biggest understatement ever understated. Just so you know.

So the parenting continues. It doesn’t end when they are 18, and apparently it doesn’t end when they are married either. But then again, my mother could have told me that, if I would have listened.

Short day tomorrow, which is nice. Although most people have the DAY FREAKING OFF. At least it will be a short day.
The week, on the other hand, will be a strange one. It is the last week of the quarter. Report cards loom.
And I am going to a conference one day, so there is a sub coming in. Preparing for a sub is a lot of work. So I’ll probably be underwater all week again. Hopefully I’ll be able to grab some air next weekend.
Nope, I will be busy with report card stuff. And open house. Drat.
I my have to take a sick day one day, just to keep my sanity. Er, find my sanity.


6 responses to “Katie Ka-Boom

  1. bluesleepy says:

    My father warned me that if I got married before I got my college degree that I would be financially responsible for any and all of my bills from that point on. And my dad is enough of a hard-nose that I knew he was serious. As a result, I wouldn’t even let my husband propose before I graduated. I was so scared that even getting engaged would shut off my parents’ paying of my school bills.

    That said, they paid for my college, but nothing else. Clothes, phone (no cell phones then), fun stuff, books… all that was my responsibility.

  2. summergale says:

    Uhm I think telling her we are doing it on this predetermined day and telling her to do something may have been a better way to go, but maybe you did warn her and just didn’t write it here. It sounds like you didn’t talk specifically about this date and what was going to happen so she wasn’t left out in the cold unexpectedly and instead have left non specific warnings of someday being turned off.

  3. twisterjester says:

    That’s the smartest thing. I’ve got to do the same with my kidlet, like it or not. 😦

  4. Poolie says:

    Good for you! She is married now and should have her very own phone.

  5. l'empress says:

    Of course it never ends! The most important job you have as a parent is making the child(ren) self-sufficient. The reality of life is that there is always something they need that you can fix. But don’t get yourself in the hole that I did; if my aunt hadn’t died and left me a little something, I would still have a $20,000 credit card debt. I did not make those purchases, nor let the interest climb, but it had my name on it….

  6. cosmic says:

    I have an almost 36 year old son and a 33 year old daughter. It ends when???????? Mother Nature lied. It NEVER ends.

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