Morning Fog

Woe has a long O

on December 20, 2007

Oh God I can’t stand it.
I don’t think I can do two more days.
Put me out of my misery now.

Ok, don’t go that far.

I am just so OVER this class and Christmas crap and not having a life. And I didn’t just say “Christmas Crap?” did I? Oh God, see what I mean?

Tonight we had our Christmas program. It was wonderful and delightful and all that…but I was at school at 7:15 this morning. I left at 3:30 to get a couple of things FOR SCHOOL (including a white blouse that I had to wear tonight), stopped home for literally 10 minutes, and then finally left school at 8:30 tonight.
When I took this job, I don’t recall saying that I was forsaking all others for the privilege of being there. I guess that was in the damn fine print.

In sassier news (not really the right word, but I am quasi-brain dead right now) NO!! I didn’t just say that either, did I? God, I am full of faux-pas tonight. A mom in my class just lost her father. He had a brain anyeurism and is brain dead. She flew to Florida and back again in 48 hours to see him. ANYHOO, it turns out that her brain dead father is/wass 51. FIFTY-ONE.
I don’t know what is more shocking…the fact that a man only 3 years older than me just dropped dead or the fact that a man only 3 years older than me is/was the grandfather of one of my students. Or that a man only 3 years older than me is/was the father of a MOM in my class. Or maybe it is that for the first time in my life, I actually feel old. My life in context…it isn’t pretty.


3 responses to “Woe has a long O

  1. fortyplus says:

    Terrible loss for that family.

    I made my parents grandparents at 40. They had me at 17, I had Oldest Son at 23.

    Today is Friday … hopefully a half day for you!

  2. bluesleepy says:

    51 is really young to die. And yes, 51 is also quite young to be the grandfather of a kid in elementary school. I made my mother a grandmother when she was 52, and she insisted she was too young to be a grandmother!

    Age is only a number, really. My grandma is 80 (my stepmom’s mother), and my real mother is 55. Yet my real mother acts like an ancient old lady, while my grandma acts a good 15 years younger than she is. It’s all in how you feel, I guess.

  3. Brian says:

    51 is awful young to go. For any reason.

    But a grandfather of a grade schooler at 51? That seems a bit young to me. I specifically asked my kids to wait till I was 50 before I became a gramps. 55 would be even better . . .

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