Morning Fog

Out of the mouths

on December 19, 2007

Dear cheap house builders from the 1970’s,

I know that we live in Southern California. I also know that since it never rains here, it obviously never gets cold here either. Having said that, I still think that perhaps you could have used glass that is thicker than toilet paper for the windows, and maybe put in a skylight that actually seals in the bathroom.

I know that lows in the high 30’s and low 40’s aren’t all that cold. I have lived in places where they describe the temperature in terms of “wind chill” so I realize it could be worse…however, 38 degrees is 38 degress whether you are in California or Michigan, and taking a shower in a walk-in refrigerator is NOT my idea of fun. Especially tonight, when I took a shower while my youngest was finishing up. We measure his showers in terms of hours, not minutes and my nice hot shower was lukewarm at best and the room was colder. We have heat in there…good old forced air heat that evaporates out the skylight as soon as it hits the room HENCE my outrage. It’s been building for awhile.

“Wah,” to quote one of my students.
I can’t wait for school to be out ON FRIDAY giving me a whopping 2 days before Christmas Eve. And trust me, when you are a teacher…a member of this soul-and-time-sucking profession…you don’t get much time to shop until you are done. At least in my household where there is a young child still at home and a dog and a husband and a visiting mother-in-law and two older kids who somehow STILL seem to be able to come up with ways to abscond with my time. Not that I’m complaining. Much. Wah. Just wah. I really want to finish up school on Friday, sleep for a week, then do all my Christmas shopping, wrapping, card writing, and food shopping. And some baking and cooking. And more decorating.
Can we reschedule Christmas for, um, February? Ya think?


2 responses to “Out of the mouths

  1. LA says:

    February works for me. Nothing’s even started and I don’t even have a roomful of first graders! Now to convince the kid that Santa won’t mind coming on Valentine’s Day… ~LA

  2. twisterjester says:

    You get off before Christmas. Lucky you. If I’m still employed at Christmas, I’ll be lucky to get off Christmas Day.

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