Morning Fog

Just how busy are you?

on December 1, 2007

The clock radio on my nightstand is blinking 1:00.
Not 12:00, but 1:00.

It has been this way ever since the power went out that night that the winds whipped up, blew our living room skylight off the roof, and fanned the flames that resulted in the evacuation of 500,000 people here in San Diego.

But why 1:00?
Because I DID try to reset it one day, and I grew too impatient and frustrated when it wasn’t immediately apparent just how to reset it, so I left it and it flashes still. 1:00.
I get up in the morning, see the time flashing and smile. It is a constant source of amusement. And a sure indicator of how strange my life has become, since I would have blown off everything else in the world at one time before I would have let something like that go on for even a day.
Maybe I’ll change it in the summer…

Do with this information what you will, but be forewarned that this is excruciatingly accurate. Especially the “kissing” part.

The next one is Mr. Wonderful’s. Don’t let this fool you…he isn’t pretty, and he isn’t so nice either. And for the last 24 years, at least, he hasn’t been promiscuous. I don’t think he is very patriotic, at least not outwardly. Sweet?? Not a sweet bone in his body. Not particularly polite and absolutely NOT soft spoken. Great in sex. snort. Never heard it phrased that way before, but I think I know what they mean, and okay, no comment there. Definitely not one to mess with and complicated to know. Lots of ideas, vision, loves music and an active mind…check, check and check.

On that note, mother-in-law isn’t bothering me too much right now because a) I haven’t been home much b) she turned 90 yesterday and c) she is driving Mr. Wonderful right up the wall so I don’t have to go there, I can listen to him rant 🙂


One response to “Just how busy are you?

  1. cardiogirl says:

    So your 90-year-old MIL lives with you now? That sounds … interesting. Does she at least have her own space, like an apartment over the garage or something?

    And is she outspoken or kind of quiet?

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