Morning Fog

Just kidding

on November 25, 2007

The holiday is over.
Fun is over.
Vacation is over.
Sleeping in is over.

So why is my mother-in-law still here?


3 responses to “Just kidding

  1. bluesleepy says:

    Oh hey I love your new template!!!

    What’s that saying — something about both fish and relatives beginning to stink after 3 days? ;o)

  2. Brian says:

    Awww, your mum-in-law wuvs you. She wants to hang out with you forever!!

    Don’t you have dishes she can do or something?

  3. michele says:

    Thanks for adding me! I’ll have to add you to my list next chance I get to update my diary! Hope you have a wonderful day! Glad to hear that you had an easy Thanksgiving.

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