Morning Fog

Well, it's about time

on November 23, 2007

I declared a turkey-free Thanksgiving and I have to say that I am proud of that.

Imagine the time and energy saved by not buying it, cleaning it, disinfecting around and after it, stuffing it, roasting it, unstuffing it, carving it, serving it and then dealing with the carcassy remains!

Everybody’s favorite side dishes perfectly accompanied an extra-large Honey Baked Ham, pre-ordered, glazed, cooked and sliced. Re-heating optional.

The decreased work load (due to lack of turkey prep and addition of desserts baked and delivered by dinner guest) gave me the inclination to drink several glasses of wine which made for a much-improved Thanksgiving on all fronts.
If it hadn’t been for the tantrum that drove my daughter from the table in tears early on in the meal, it would have been boringly perfect and uneventful.

Kudos to my offspring for delivering the requisite family drama. With my mother in relatively good health and not retching her food during the meal, we were in danger of skipping that part of the meal.

Grace was said, thanks were implied if not spelled out implicitly, and everyone survived.
Next stop, Christmas.


One response to “Well, it's about time

  1. Poolie says:

    Methinks I know you! *wink*

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